The Innocent  -   Paperback

The Innocent

The Innocent  -   Paperback

"Sensational...Masterful...Brilliant." --New York Post

Harlan Coben, NY Times bestselling author of Six Years

Formerly titled, As Catch Can, when it was published in a major deal by Delacorte Press…

In 1997, Green Haven Prison went insane…

They call him Keeper, but lately Jack Marconi has specialized in losing things. Just last year, he lost his wife in a mysterious traffic accident, and ever since, he’s felt like he’s losing his mind. As the warden of the maximum security Green Haven Prison, home to 2,500 of New York’s most hardened criminals, Marconi can’t afford to drop focus, even for an instant. But he’s been slipping up on the job, and he’s tormented by flashbacks to the Attica uprising. All of which makes him ripe for the role of patsy when a convicted cop killer named Eduardo Vasquez stages a daring breakout on his watch.

From the start, Marconi suspects an inside job. What he doesn’t suspect is that he’ll become the target of a frame-up. Soon drugs are planted in Marconi’s office, embarrassing photos are circulated, and he finds himself facing trumped-up charges of obstruction of justice. With his supervisors clearly setting him up to take the fall, Marconi hatches a desperate scheme to clear his name. Kidnapping the escaped killer’s girlfriend, he arms himself with a .45 and takes off in pursuit of Vasquez—and the truth.

Once sworn to uphold the law, Marconi will have to elude it if he wants to bring this conspiracy to light. Otherwise Keeper could lose everything: his job, his reputation—and even his life.

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