The Sins of the Sons: A Jack Marconi PI Thriller

The Sins of the Sons: A Jack Marconi PI Thriller

The Sins of the Sons: A Jack Marconi PI Thriller


On a cold November evening back in 1982, real estate lawyer, Marty Finnegan, and socialite, Tracy Reynolds, argued bitterly outside the dining room of their country club. Unbeknownst to them, three drunken teenage boys who attended the same prep school were witnessing their bitter exchange under the cover of darkness.
When the boys decided to head out on a joyride that included holding up Finnegan at gunpoint, their lives took a turn for the worse. Less than twenty-four hours later, the lawyer would be discovered dead in a patch of woods near his home. He died in subzero temperatures, without having worn a coat or boots, his car parked miles away in an airport parking garage.
Now, it’s thirty-five years later, and one of the “boys” involved in the original 1982 holdup has found God, and he is about to confess their story to the whole world. But another one of the now middle-aged boys is bent on doing everything in his power to stop the confession. Enter Jack "Keeper" Marconi, PI, who will reluctantly take on the job of persuading the confessor to keep his mouth shut. But at the same time, the police hire Marconi to delve deeper into the Marty Finnegan cold case file. They want him to determine once and for all, if the lawyer simply died while out for a walk in the freezing cold, or was he murdered in cold blood?
For readers of Michael Connelly, Robert B. Parker, Ace Atkins, Lawrence Block, and more, Thriller Award Winning New York Times Bestselling author Vincent Zandri, brings you an action, suspense, and romance-filled PI novel that is unputdownable.

Nab this fast-paced, tantalizing thriller.
What the critics are saying a bout Vincent Zandri:
"A hugely successful series. Vincent Zandri’s The Guilty is a gripping combination of old-school hardboiled detective yarn and a 80s high-octane action movie. Immensely enjoyable. -Paul D. Brazill, Pulp Metal Magazine
"Tough, stylish, heartbreaking". - Don Winslow, bestselling author of Savages
"A riveting story..oh, what a story it is: grisly, surprising, and page-turningly suspenseful. A terrific old-school thriller."
- Booklist (starred review)

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