Bingo Night: (A Hard-Boiled Short)

Bingo Night: (A Hard-Boiled Short)

Bingo Night: (A Hard-Boiled Short)

When two losers working for a floral supply outfit get it into their heads that they can rob the creepy old home for the elderly which is located directly across the street from their place of employment on Bingo Night, it sounds like an easy score. Too easy. Because what they don't realize is that just because people are old, doesn't mean they still don't have some fight left in them. In fact, in the case of Bingo Night, these elde rly people have more than fight in them. They are barbarians.
Originally published in Pulp Metal Magazine in two parts, Bingo Night is a fun, hard-boiled, if not sick little tasty piece of pulp fiction to read on the way to work in the morning, or just before bed. For lovers of Charlie Huston, James Ellroy, Don Winslow and more, this new short by New York Times and USA Today ITW Thriller Award and PWA Shamus Award Winning Bestselling author Vincent Zandri, is sure to make you laugh, cry, and cringe.

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