Chase Baker & the Humanzees from Hell

Chase Baker & the Humanzees from Hell

Chase Baker & the Humanzees from Hell
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"Vincent Zandri hails from the future."

New York Times

Vincent Zandri Presents:

Fact: In the 1920s, a Soviet scientist attempted to mate humans and chimpanzees to create “humanzees.”

Fact: Forty years later, an apparent human-ape hybrid surfaced in the United States in the sideshow circuit, dubbed the “Minnesota Iceman.”

How are these two far-fetched and seemingly unrelated events connected? Adventurer and Renaissance man Chase Baker is hot on the trail of the shocking truth in “Chase Baker & the Humanzees from Hell.”

After a dying man’s last words lead him to a Minnesota Iceman exhibit in a museum of bizarre artifacts, Chase quickly learns that the old Soviet program to breed humans and chimpanzees never ended. It’s up to him to stop the development of “humanzee” super-soldiers that could serve as the catalyst for World War III. Standing in his way are biker gangs, a mad scientist and a greedy museum owner with her own ax to grind.

Can Chase stop the humanzee super-soldiers before World War III breaks out? Or will he wind up a victim of the hybrid experiments themselves? Find out in “Chase Baker & the Humanzees from Hell.” It’s perfect for fans of Clive Cussler, Dan Brown and JR Rain.

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