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Does the Ark of the Covenant, or what’s also known as the Ark of God, truly exist? Adventurer, writer, and treasure hunter, Chase Baker is about to find out, the hard way.

Adventurer, Chase Baker is back in the thick of it. This time, he along with his sexy and adventuring archaeologist partner, Dr. Sarah Gibson, are entrusted by both a wealthy financier and an old English, Paris based Biblical scholar to unearth perhaps the greatest archaeological treasure of all time: The Ark of the Covenant. Or what’s also known as the Ark of God.
An adventure that begins in the mean streets of hot downtown Cairo, then reaches downtown Paris, and that quickly leads to the disputed Biblical territories of Old Jerusalem, Chase and Sarah encounter bandits who know precisely what their mission is. To find the Ark of God and deliver it to government officials in the United States.

But the ark is a force of unspeakable power. Any nation that has it in its possession is said to be undefeatable in time of war. It’s a somewhat familiar plot that was played out in Hollywood by Indiana Jones back when Chase was just a boy. But now that he’s a man, he realizes just how real the power of the ark truly is. Not only is Communist China on the hunt for the Ark, but so are radical Jihadists, bent on using its power to destroy western civilization.

What the rugged adventurer will also discover, is that the Lost Ark of God is to be found in the most unlikely of places. Deep under Golgotha, or the hill where Jesus was crucified 2,000 years ago. Once he and Sarah gain entry to the tunnel, they will face several potentially deadly challenges and booby-traps that will not only test their skill as adventurers, but also their very belief in the power of God. What they are in for, is one terrifying journey that will leave readers begging for more.

If you love gripping romance, adventure, non-stop action, occult and alternative history novels, the newest installment in the bestselling, Suspense Magazine Award winning thriller, Chase Baker and the Lost Ark of God, is definitely for you. For fans of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, J. Robert Kennedy and more, comes an edge-of-your seat adventure from New York Times and USA Today bestselling Thriller and Shamus Award winning author, Vincent Zandri.

"Zandri knows the power of a well-executed twist. Just when you think you have it all figured out, he’ll lead you to a fork in the road that will make you question how you got there in the first place."


“Vincent Zandri’s tight-fisted thriller throws a gut punch...”

Foreword Reviews

“Sensational . . . masterful . . . brilliant.”

New York Post

"Vincent Zandri hails from the future."

New York Times

“... (an] engrossing thriller . . . a tangled web...”

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