The True Motivation Behind the Ukraine War? Hint: It all Started with a Revolution in 2004

The Ukraine War didn't just start suddenly all by itself. Several major steps which were enacted in part on behalf of the U.S. including the 2004-05 Orange Revolution which was conceived and carried out by the CIA and meant to inevitably replace the then President Viktor Yushchenko with a comic named Zelinsky, was just one of the acts that started it. While Zelinsky was "democratically" elected, the overall plan was to have Ukraine enter NATO. Now the U.S. is allowing the use of cluster bombs, a clear war crime. This is the world we're living in. And yes, I've been to Ukraine and stood on the spots where government snipers shot citizens dead in the streets. I've been to Russia too. I don't condone what Putin has done. He's a dictator, but no one seems to have any interest in making peace. This is, in part, due to the small group of people who are making billions off the war. Only, don't go looking for the truth in the mainstream press. NOTE: I mistakenly state the Orange Rev took place in 2014. It happened in 2004.

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