Steve Jobz PI Kickstarter Vid for The Plumber!

So describing how I came up with Steve Jobz PI is like trying to recall the date, time, and place I gave life to my three children. You just can't pinpoint it, now can you? But I do know that Steve and I are good friends, that he's a kid who never grew up, loves his fly fishing, is always unlucky when it comes to love, but has a terrific sense of right vs. wrong and is willing to do the right thing when it comes to fighting crime even if it breaks the law. You see where I'm going with this. The Plumber is his latest and greatest adventure, So what's the scoop? When two people from different communities die on the spot from simply drinking the tap water it has the APD baffled. It means Steve Jobz PI is brought in to solve the dangerous case. Watch out for the bullets.

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