Marketing, Advertising, and Selling Your Soul!

Most of the Washington DC political establishment will not only break the law to earn a few more votes than their opponents, but they will sell their souls, and do so while down on their knees in front of Satan getting the prince of evil's rocks off. They do this not only to maintain power but to make a ton of money from special interests. I ask you, how do you work for the government and become worth tens of millions, if hundreds of millions of dollars? As pulp writers we sometimes too are willing to go to great lengths to "move units" as they say. But we stop just short of selling our souls. Or so I'd like to believe. But there's a difference between marketing and advertising. The former doesn't have to cost you a ton of money, but the latter can break your bank if you're not careful. There's a lot of advertising scams out there that prey on desperate writers, so watch out. Here's my experience.

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