Indie Media Leads the 2024 Presidential Big Charge!

In 1960, JFK and his team recognized the power of a brand-new visual medium called television. He made it work for him far better than Nixon ever could and he squeaked out a victory (payoffs to the Chicago mob didn't hurt either). Fast forward to 2016 and "the Donald) uses Twitter to his total advantage with short bombastic bursts that blow his opponents out of the swamp. Now, as we prepare for 2024 and the country is arguably in more disarray than it has ever been, not to mention bankrupt both financially and perhaps morally, there's a new rising star on the horizon. He's called RFK, Jr. and he's using indie media such as popular podcasts to get the word out. Why? Because the corporate, pharmaceutical bought-and-paid for mainstream media hates his guts. History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure as hell rhymes.

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