The Squatters: A Thriller

The Squatters: A Thriller

The Squatters: A Thriller

If a Squatter Takes Over Your Home, do You Politely Give Up? Or do You Fight for What's Yours? Even if it's a Fight to the Death!
When a thrice married crime writer notices his wife is unhappy due to the time he devotes to his work, he decides to spend the summer with her on a family-owned island on the Hudson River. The only problem is that some Mexican Cartel connected squatters has taken over the island for their drug-running operation. The writer and his wife might think twice about challenging the deadly gangsters. But the unlikely duo is not about to give up on what's theirs without a fight.
It's a fight to the death, Alamo style, in this brand-new pulse-pounding thriller from New York Times and USA Today bestselling Thriller and Shamus Award winning author Vincent Zandri. For fans of Don Winslow, Charlie Houston, Michael Connelly, and more.
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"Vincent Zandri is one of the most acclaimed thriller writers working today!" -- Publishers Weekly
"The story of Vincent Zandri is the story of our times."
--Business Insider
"Vincent Zandri hails from the future."
--The New York Times
“Sensational . . . masterful . . . brilliant.”
--New York Post
"Gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting."
--Harlan Coben, New York Times bestselling author of Six Years
"Tough, stylish, heartbreaking."
--Don Winslow, New York Times bestselling author of Savages and Cartel.
"...big time author..."
--Digital Journal

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