After Life: A Meta Man Thriller Box Set

After Life: A Meta Man Thriller Box Set

After Life: A Meta Man Thriller Box Set

The year is 2054. Writer Casey Smith is dead. He died when his car crashed into the back of a semi just moments after running over an innocent person who got in his way immediately after he robbed a bank.
But now, instead of going to heaven or hell, Casey finds himself alive again in the Metaverse. He also finds himself still on the run from the police for the crimes he committed while alive on earth as a flesh and blood human being.
And yet, Casey finds that in the Metaverse, he is still a flesh and blood human being. Only difference is, it's impossible for him to die. The metaverse also programs him to appear in different time periods, as though it's a time machine or a portal. While he might wake up in the Wild West during one life, in the next life, he will be traveling to Mars in the distant future.
In this exciting box set you get all three Meta Man Thrillers for one low price: Meta Man, Meta Man: Mars 900C, and Cashless Bail: A Meta Man Thriller. If you love the Twilight Zone, you'll love these mind-bending, sci-fi adventures. There's a little romance mixed in, and even some altered history.
From New York Times bestselling, Thriller and Shamus Award winning author Vincent Zandri comes a collection that will keep you on the edge of your seat (or bed) for hours.
Grab your exciting time-travel thriller now.
Praise for VIncent Zandr i:
"The story of Vincent Zandri is the story of our times."

--Business Insider

"Vincent Zandri hails from the future."

--The New York Times

“Sensational . . . masterful . . . brilliant.”

--New York Post

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