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Sunday Fun Day Which Means…

…I worked all day.

But then, writing for me isn’t work. It’s what I have to do, and what I was born to do, strangely enough, considering I come from a family of construction workers and musicians. Well, I guess the musician part is telling.

This morning I did a story about how Legal Cannabis sales are no doubt going to lead to more vehicular accidents and deaths (such as the Ohio teenager who got stoned at the prom, ran his car into a pole and killed his date). I’m actually for the legalization of pot and other recreational drugs since it will put a big dent in the cartels and the dealers who prey on young people. But there’s gotta be strict laws guarding against getting stoned and driving.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the writing.

I’m closing in on 20K words on I, the Judge, the new Steve Jobz PI thriller I started early last week. If I’m not too busy with my freelancing work this coming week, I should pretty much button this one up end of next weekend or so. The onto more short pieces. My fans really seem to like the short stuff. That’s great cause I love writing it.

I have enough shorts to do a another collection so that will be coming soon. I might give a story to Suspense Magazine too, if they’ll have it. Nothing is ever guaranteed in the writing biz. But what is guaranteed is my daily word count.

It’s Sunday. Think I’ll treat myself to an early beer. Look for a new video tomorrow too.

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  1. Harvey Stanbrough says:

    Vincent, very good to meet you, albeit virtually. For the longest time, I thought only I and Dean were speaking out about WITD etc. Glad I found your site.

    1. Hey Harvey, great to see you here my friend. I see you all the time on Dean’s site. You always have some words of wisdom to impart on this wonderful journey we’re on.

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