Cahier No. 3: The Notebook Series

Cahier No. 3: The Notebook Series

Cahier No. 3: The Notebook Series

“I am aware of being in a beautiful prison, of which I can only escape by writing.”—Anais Nin. Anais Nin was famous for writing by long hand in her diaries or what were known in France as cahiers. Rich, deeply emotional, often sensual stories about love and loss. Now, by writing in long hand in this notebook, you too can experience the same kind of creative output that Anais did while writing in the cafe's of early 20th century Paris. From New York Times and USA Today bestselling Thriller Award winning author, Vincent Zandri, comes a series of inspiring cahiers or notebooks for would-be, newbie writers to pen their first short stories or novels. These inspirational notebooks are also great for the seasoned writing professional. Carry them with you to the local coffee house or to a cafe in Paris or Rome, where you can craft your masterpiece inside the most romantic setting possible, just like Anais Nin did once upon a time. Grab your caheir now for yourself or as a gift for the writer in your life. Collect them all and cherish them forever. "Vincent Zandri hails from the future."--The New York Times

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