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"Vincent Zandri hails from the future."

The New York Times


“Can Chase and his pals survive the living dead?”

You know Chase Baker as an adventurer and Renaissance man who loves finding trouble in the form of buried treasure and holy relics all around the globe. But what was Chase like back when he was a teenager? Turns out, he was a younger version of his adult self.

In this romantic and historical YA novel, Chase teams up with his two best amigos–the skinny, fun loving, Twigs, and the combative but courageous, Baily. At Chase’s urging, the three embark on a late night quest to uncover the Cross of the Last Crusade which is said to have been buried along with the body of an old Frenchman, Pierre Menands. When Chase’s “sort of” girlfriend, the beautiful Monique, joins the hunt, the band of teens face down haunted ghosts, angry cops, a speeding locomotive, rabid dogs, a murderous resurrected crusader, and finally, the zombie reincarnation of Menands himself.

For teenage and young adult fans of romantic suspense, alternative history, and action & adventure tales like those created by JR Rain, Stephen King, Clive Cussler and Dan Brown, New York Times and USA Today bestselling ITW Thriller Award winning author, Vincent Zandri, delivers a brand new thriller written for all ages and for everyone who loves a pulse-pounding, fast, edge-of-your-seat read.

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Here’s what the critics (and fans) are saying about Vincent Zandri and Young Chase Baker:

“Zandri has brought back that wonderful ‘quest’ story that keeps the reader alert and pinging with anticipation from beginning to end. His ‘Chase Baker’ character is cocky, smart, and multi-talented, but with that brotherly quality that reminds you of a best friend in school. These are the types of characters we remember and follow, and Zandri does them with flair, along with non-stop action and a surprise ending. What thriller reader could not love that? The Shroud Key is well worth every minute.” — Suspense Magazine *****

“Vincent Zandri has become one of my favorite authors. This is a story directed at youth. I could see my boys when they were young would have read this and soaked it up. It would take them on so many adventures.” — Amazon Reviewer ****

“Excellent…Totally classic teenaged boys humor and idiocy EXCEPT that they get into some awesome investigating of an artifact and the whole thing kind of prepares readers for the adventures of the adult Chase Baker…It’s a fun book and the audio is even better! Andrew Wehrlen adds to the characters and to the goings on in a very good way.”–Amazon Reviewer*****

“As the mother of two teen-aged boys who would laugh hysterically at a burping catsup bottle, I completely get where Vince went with this one. Good, solid base for the Chase baker series…., BUT I’m so GLAD that Chase grew up because I like the adult chase a LOT LOT LOT better. Still, a peek at his beginning was.. cute.. and the adventure was an enteraining, exciting read … thanks Vince!” –Amazon Reviewer*****

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