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Finalist for the 2019 Derringer Award for Best Novelette ("I've Got to Get Me a Gun!")!!!

Short Mystery Fiction Society


Meet Jimmy Conway, part-time crook, part-time con man, part-time Daddy’s boy, full-time loser. But when his old man kicks the bucket and leaves the family jewelry store to him, Jimmy’s sister and her greedy “round-fat” husband have a fit.

Now, with Jimmy in the care of the family’s crown jewels so to speak, his immediate family is the least of his worries with a black car operated by two thieves constantly scoping the joint. Knowing it’s inevitable they’re gonna make a play for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds he’s got locked up in a vault, he feels the urgent need to protect himself. But he’s an ex-con and no way in hell is “woke” New York State about to grant him a pistol permit.

Jimmy has no choice but to rely on his wits to fend off his sister, her husband, and the two crooks. But if only he could get himself a gun.

For readers of Charlie Huston, Don Winslow, Brett Battles and more, New York Times bestselling Thriller Award winning author Vincent Zandri brings you another short, but thrilling, Derringer Award Nominated read.

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What the Critics are saying about Go Get Me a Gun and Vincent Zandri.

“Gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting.” –Harlan Coben on THE INNOCENT ★★★★★

“Zandri demonstrates an uncanny knack for exposition, introducing newcharacters and narrative possibilities with the confidence of an oldpro…Zandri does a superb job creating interlocking puzzle pieces.” –New York Post ★★★★★

“Readers will be held captive by prose that pounds as steadily as an elevated pulse…Vincent Zandri nails readers attention.” –Boston Herald ★★★★★”

Available at:
Amazon B&N Kobo Scribd Thalia Vivlio